It takes a village - Recharge Atlantic
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It takes a village

Pinch me please!  They say it takes a village to raise a child…which is of course true.  But what’s also true is that building your own website and logo takes time, patience and an incredibly talented team of professionals who can guide you, who will let you eat their chocolates and who’ll hold your hand when required.

Although I started building Recharge Atlantic last summer, officially registered it as a business in the fall and delivered three events so far,  I feel like today is the BIGGEST day of all.  Today is the day that I finally FINALLY get to officially unveil my brand and my website (thank you Insight Brand & Marketing Studio!).

Create a logo they said – it will be easy they said (I’m not sure who said that but they’re wrong).  Creating my logo was a remarkable experience thanks to the amazing team of professionals that I had the pleasure of working with.  But it was hard work.  I didn’t always see their vision or realize that their vision was actually my vision but in the end we created a brand that I can be completely proud of.

Anyone can come up with a logo. But for me, I wanted to look at it and be reminded about why I started Recharge Atlantic.  I chose to incorporate a dragonfly.  Why?  Because I was told that when you see a dragonfly, it means that someone special is watching over you.  What I’ve come to learn is that a dragonfly can also represent success, transformation and our ability to overcome hardship.  But most of all, dragonflies remind us to take time to reconnect with our own strength, courage and happiness.

Let 2017 be the year that you allow yourself reconnect and recharge.

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